Our vision is to empower individuals and communities to experience a considerable decrease in the stress and issues relating to health — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — utilizing our fun, exciting and effective arts event models for communities around the world.

MISSION: Promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing stress and changing the game of the health and wellness industry by offering opportunities for interacting with all life relationships through our powerful event models.

Soul Power Live (SPL) event models are a fusion of healthy lifestyle workshops, demonstrations, arts sessions and performances, that incite the desire to create new life blueprints that transform stress into power. These 1-3 day life-changing events include: electrifying concerts, healthy lifestyle workshops, health demos and creative arts sessions that all offer tools for ultimate wealth, health, joy and success.

SPL is committed to resolve a real issue facing all people in the world today—the stress-related impact on individuals’ health, relationships, home and work environments. We do this effectively, by offering a environment that not only releases stress, but also offers individuals the tools to maintain this atmosphere on an ongoing basis. Using some of the same mediums people already use to de-stress—entertainment, seminars and fun activities, participants are shown how when directly and intentionally applied, these mediums will provide stress maintenance and higher qualities of life.

With professional experience of 30+ years in the Arts of Empowerment, DVine Artz Productions  has joined forces with other dynamic presenters in the arts and health and wellness fields, to continue to engage  audiences with vital elements of the arts and methods of empowerment that will inevitably change the course of their lives.

SPL offers a restoration to the feeling of powerlessness and despair, offering a huge sigh of relief to those who spent most of their adults years in the role of caretaker for children, parents, clients, etc.

  • Offers the weary housewife, caregiver and overworked, stressed-out individuals from all walks of life, a conducive environment to transform their life experience.
  • A space in each event where participants work and play through their unique creative expression; artistically exploring new methods for sharing positive thoughts and feelings; gaining the tools for releasing guilt, ineptness, expectations and other long-held disappointments.
  • With the unique mediums of music, movement, meditation and other creative expressions, participants release the “inner scream” that inevitably leads to mental unrest, instability and illnesses. After re-awakening to their truth, they begin to feel and operate from that powerful place within themselves.

Soul Power Live addresses needs specific to each community we serve.

The 1-3 day events can include:

  • ­    Concert Performances with International Artists
  •     Women’s Wellness Weekend Retreat
  •     Awards Ceremony Night
  •     Community Spotlight Collaboration
  •     Empowering Theatrical Performances
  • ­    POWER P.L.A.Y.Day Explosion
  •     Cultural Feast of the Senses – Taste ‘N’ PLAY
  •     Family Activity Day
  •     Mama PLAY Date
  •     Health Panels and Forums
  •     Demonstrations
  • ­    Exhibitors
  •     LoveShops: Love, Balance & Relationships
  • ­    Music Empowerment Workshops and Performances
  •    Healthy Lifestyle Workshops


D’VINE ARTZ PRODUCTIONS (DAP) has served communities around the world, providing workshops, conferences and retreats for individuals, families, local groups, corporations, schools, and government and private organizations.

Some of DAP’s award-winning events:

  • Pamoja Family Day Festival – 1987 Ocala, Florida
  • Sankh…A Healing Affair – 1995-1997 Cottonwood, Alabama, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN
  • Awakening Musical Theater Production – 1996-1997 Atlanta, GA
  • Anchoring the Light Musical Production – 1998 Atlanta, GA
  • Exodus into the New – 1999 St. Simons Island, GA
  • Paving the Way…This is My Dance –  2004 Hastings, England
  • Joy of Africa –  2005-2006 Eastbourne, England, Bexhill-On-Sea, England
  • LCR Community Launch – 2005-2006 Hastings, England
  • Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk – 2009 NY-Atlanta, GA
  • P.L.A.Y. Tasters – 2011-2012 Atlanta, GA
  • Embracing Love Retreat – 2013 Atlanta, GA