Akefa Global for Little People

Akefa (AGV) Global Village for Children was formed in 1995 with the expressed intent of providing  a safe environment for children to fully express who they are through workshops, plays, musicals and the creative arts.

Throughout the years many of Akefa’s children, have grown to be film directors, dancers, teachers accountants, and many other walks of life. The one thing they have in common is that–they are all using the power of their confidence and creativity to live their very best lives.
AGV continues now as we are propelled to assist adults to getting inspired to PLAY (Passionately Love Appreciate YOU!) and remember what it felt to run with the freedom of the child within.

We are committed to our mission to provide guidance for the little people, letting them know for sure that it’s okay to be a free thinker and unconditional lover– in a world lead by of the illusion of limitation. Paving the way for them to create opportunities for full expression of their innate gift and abilities.

During the SPL tour we will be showcasing their talent through inspiried events culminated from 3-12 week PLAYshops.