Community Partnership

 “How would you like to take part in a global empowerment platform, where you have the unique opportunity to engage with organizations around world who have also been offering life-sustaining concepts and services to their communities?”

Soul Power LIVE (SPL) is an exciting new health and wellness movement that offers event models infused with healthy lifestyle workshops, demonstrations, arts empowerment sessions (P.L.A.Y.) and performances, all to incite the desire to create new life blueprints that transform stress into power. These 1-3 day life-changing events includes electrifying concerts, healthy lifestyle workshops, demonstrations and creative arts sessions that all offer tools for ultimate wealth, health, joy and success. SPL also offers world community organizations the perfect causeway to link with other communities around the globe through our diverse network of facilitators, presenters, performers and community partners. SPL Community Partnership includes the unique opportunity to both brand and share your products or services to ever-expanding audiences from all walks of life.

Join organizations around the world, dedicated to serving humankind, who are partnering with the Soul Power Live (SPL) Global Tour commencing in 2014. Powered by beautiful sounds, music, rhythms and harmony, SPL is a new movement of awakening and turning our lives up to its highest POWER to live the best life possible!


As our prestigious partner you will have the opportunity to:

  • Align with an endeavor that fosters healthier lifestyles
  • Be assisted in your organizations’ humanitarian goals
  • Receive an effective event model for your use – post SPL event
  • Bring additional exposure to your exemplary work in the community
  • Host a SPL pre, main and /or post event in your locale
  • Free Booth Space during the event
  • For Host: receive a portion of event proceeds
  • Free entry for designated staff members and clients
  • Acknowledgement of your organization on promotional materials

Host Requirements:

Act as a Fiscal Agent

Locate and secure venue (No financial responsibility)

Utilize your mailing list and local connections for promotions

Distribution Space for SPL Programs and Materials

Provide Outreach to other potential Community Partners

Liaise with SPL Event Coordinator

We thank you in advance for your consideration to partner with us during our Soul Power Live events.
We look forward to speaking with you in the near future about our embarkation to changing the world together-one community at a time.

Contact: Ombassa (404) 376-7283 or  Skype: ombassasophera

Join SPL Current Partners:

HEALTHY HAIKU PRODUCTIONS, an Atlanta based LLC offers award winning workshops to women and teens. covering important health issues using poetry, drama, spoken word and other forms of creative expression.

COMMUNITY RESOURCE CONNECTORS (CRC), a Huntsville Alabama non-profit women’s organization that acts as a support system that provides resources to the community.

PINK LADYBUG FOUNDATION, a non-profit breast health awareness organization founded in Atlanta, that provides health and wellness programs to promote awareness for vibrant living and health and services to enhance the quality of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

THE EMBRACING PROJECT,  in Las Vegas, promotes Peace and Global Consciousness through the development of programs that enrich the lives of children, youth, and families around the world.

DR. OBA THOMAS,  offers healing service to the greater Atlanta community and Ghana, West Africa.

CLARK ESTATES of COLUMBIA, a non-profit in Columbia, SC, which also focuses on providing health resources to the community in which they serve.

ROEHAMPTON R.O.C.K.S., a non-profit creative arts project dedicated to providing community-focused arts events and programmes to all diverse groups in Roehampton, England.

LIFE CONVERSATIONS RADIO, community radio started in Hastings, England that now serves the world community online providing educational, inspiring and  health related information.

BKAY ARTS, art designs in Brisbane, Australia

VJAY Theatre, theatre company in Leicester, England

THE ROUND HUT VILLAGE OF ZIMBABWE, a humanitarian non-profit  based in Sydney, Australia

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DAP is an Atlanta based company that has presented award-winning events around the globe.  Our mission is three-fold:

1)      To provide wholesome events and environments that are conducive to introspection, healing, growth, self-evaluation and assessment

2)      To utilize the natal bonding structure of group exercises and discussions to inspire action from the individual as well as the collective body through the creative arts

3)      To provide custom content for each community/group that we work with by determining the most effective methodology for said group from among the various modalities and techniques available to us and our team of experts.

With its award-winning event productions, DAP has been very successful in its mission objectives, and among those we continue to work within various communities in the USA, The Netherlands and the UK.  Our intention is always to increase the frequency and effectiveness of event models, activities and programs within varied and diverse communities.

Our core principal is promoting healthy lifestyles,  awareness and evolution; the efficiency of investing in communities and groups who are dedicated to learning, contributing, and building a better, healthier and a more sustainable world for us all.

We are excited to bring award-winning entertainment and empowerment to the world community and trust you will consider partnering with us as you continue to share the gifts of your own values.