Here are some of the frequently asked questions about SPL:


What does this name Soul Power Live mean?
Simply means, giving the adeqate space to recuperate from life; to reconvene with life and engage with a new blueprint for living is our premier desire. To offer events that restore the power to the soul through artistic measure, to those who feel powerless concerning their health and well being.

Is this some type of a religious group?
No. In effect, our productions are neither religious, combatant, new age, nor do they represent anything except the God given ability each one has to reclaim their power given away to those people , situations and circumstances that they seemed more important than their own well being.

Who is SPL actually for?
Women directed family members, community groups and organizations, who are open to new ways of experiencing knowledge shared about methods of ultimate well being. We are dedicated the continued growth and expansion of the collective mind in communities around the globe.