“I had such a LIVE experience last night at Ombassa’s workshop. We worked with paper & crayons, drawing & creating our stories. We also listened to a meditation recorded by Ombassa with music and guided imagery.  She’s a master!  I will be selling her meditation CDs and book, which we also used last night, as soon as I can get my hands on them.  Power tools!  More PLAY to come next time she does a workshop.  ”  Dan, Newburgh, NY


“I’m so glad I was able to attend; it was an unforgettable event…Ombassa is truly GIFTED!!!!” Nadine Nadira Rhem-Williams, Newburgh, NY

Ombassa is the most compassionate person to take your issues to.  She has helped my whole family to transition through health challenges–mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We will always be grateful to God for her willing spirit to share her gifts.”

Regina Crowe, Miami, Florida.

*************************************************************”Recently my doctor diagnosed me with having egg laying parasites. Ombassa gave me a recipe for this and after two weeks of using the Beet Juice blood cleanser and the supporting diet given, not only are the parasites passing, I feel great too! My energy levels are back on top.” S. Washington


Dear Ombassa It was great to meet you over the weekend. I just wanted to say thank you again for a great workshop, and I really enjoyed it. It really has set me thinking seriously…. Thanks again to you.  Good luck for the future.

Ciao Marian Davies

*************************************************************Hello, I am very impressed by your radio station and the people you are interviewing. Good luck to you with your venture.  We need more like you around.


*************************************************************Hi.  I can from the heart say the time I spent with you is firmly registered as a magic moment. I thank you for your kind words of support and wish you, your team and listeners many many magic moments. I will listen in regularly and stay in touch and look forward to supporting each other in the future All that is wonderful in me honours all that is wonderful in you.

Harry Singha
Chief Executive Officer
Youth Coaching Academy

*************************************************************Hi Ombassa, Really enjoyed the opening!  Thank you so much for inviting me.  I’ve been listening & enjoying the music you play & finding the speakers very interesting. Well Done!!

Love Nina


It was an honor to share the “Conversation” with you. An indication of my enjoyment of the exchange was reflected in the considerably greater time that I spent than I had planned. Keep up the good work and I look forward to perhaps sharing with you again. Peace.

Dr. Na’im Akbar *************************************************************


Hi Ombassa I just want to thank you so much for having me on your programme last night. I really enjoyed talking with you and you made it much easier for me than I expected. It was a first time for me to talk on a live radio show and I know there were many things I could have explained better.  I just hope someone may have been able to take something of benefit from it.  I have let many people know about your programme as I feel that you have a great deal to offer that is of benefit to others. Keep up the good work and thank you again for the wonderful opportunity last evening. Love and blessings.

Trevayne *************************************************************Hi Ombassa

Thanks for a great experience last week on the Xtrax hour; it was great fun.  I love the station and its mission to get people talking or listening about real life, in all its beautiful glory. If there’s anything I can do to help, please call me.

Namaste, Patsy Heaven

*************************************************************Sunday, a brilliant and inspiring show.  Really affirming about going ahead with my dreams and work. I missed the show with Royston, any chance of it being repeated?  Love and blessings.



Children taking chance to learn about black history

YOUNGSTERS have been celebrating Black History Month by taking part in workshops.

Pupils from Hither Green Primary School, Beacon Road, Hither Green, have been learning about black culture and African traditions through dance and creative movement.       

The school’s 500 pupils enjoyed storytelling, played instruments – including traditional African drums – and learned dance moves.

Black History Month is celebrated in October every year.

It aims to promote knowledge of black history and positive contributions made by black people to British society.

School history coordinator Tracey Boanas said: “It’s been noisy and chaotic with all the music and dancing but absolutely fantastic fun for the children.”

Cheri Maree is powerful and I really appreciate her sharing herself with us tonight.”

“I really enjoyed being able to pick my favorite song and show everybody who I am and what I like.”

“I like hearing her (Cheri Maree) life story and she felt like she came down to our level.”

“I really like that Cheri Maree owns her story and has passion. She gets others to embrace her passion.”

Cheri Maree is a power source for staff, parents and teens.  She brings to the group a personal touch to which many can relate. Her ability to shape music into a therapeutic concept is refreshing and can be used in any setting.”

Genice Summers, LISW,CACII,CSPP
Program Director, Adolescent Services

Cheri Maree – Pure Voice (2007)

A buddy and I have an ongoing musical dialogue over what makes people like a song. Is it the music – you know, the melody, beat, rhythm – or is it the lyric? I say this is a dialogue not a debate because we basically agree that a song has to have a good melody or a pumping beat in order to capture the audience. Even a word man like me can’t really contest that fact. The first thing listeners hear, after all, is the music. However, the search for that perfect beat takes on added urgency when a lot of people expect a lyric to be nothing more than a catchy hook to link for a ring tone jingle.

There’s still a place for artists who strive to create music that makes listeners tap their feet and lyrics that compel folks to sing along for the entire song. On her album Pure Voice, singer Cheri Maree succeeds on both counts. Her lyrical and melodic stylings won’t fit on a ring tone, but they’ll occupy your brain.

Musically, Pure Voice is rooted solidly in jazz and funk.  The opening track “Hold Me Up,” is a mid-tempo tune with a bouncy melody that fuses jazz and funk. That funky beat makes the song’s message imploring listeners to support each other (or hold on another up) go down easy.

Maree displays vocal dexterity throughout the album. She envelopes the second tune, a ballad “I Love,” a dreamy number that finds her singing about all the things that attracts her to the object of her affection. “Talk to Me,” the strongest track on the CD, is a jazzy number in which Maree assures her lover that he can confide in her.

On “September” Maree drops into hip-hop fused R&B. The song even includes a short rap that actually manages not to be a distraction. The tune “Because You Love Me” is one that’s sure to get the steppers crowding the floor. Pure Voice is a well-paced album that includes ballads, mid-tempo and dance tunes.

Lyrically, Pure Voice plows the familiar territory of affairs of the heart. Some might say the CD is a bit formulaic. But Maree masters the formula. The proof will be in all those people singing along the second they pop the CD into the player.   By Howard Dukes